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What a week at Hoodie Tee

Hoodie Tee production goes into overdrive!

What a week we had last week at hoodie tee, it was manic!!!

It was so busy we even had to rope in some extra hands to make sure everything went out, thankfully my little cousin Katie and her friend didn’t have exams at Uni so could come in and lend a hand. Everything went out and everyone seems chuffed with everything so we are really pleased!

We printed over 7,000 hoodies and tees last week, with most being printed both sides. Everything from school leavers hoodies, to dance groups, to gymnastic club went out last week!

Below are a couple of pictures from the gymnastic club we designed and printed.


hoodie tee production line hoodies hoodie tees ready to go

  • 31 Mar, 2011
  • Louise MacKenzie
  • hoodie tee,

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