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Meet the Hoodie Tee Team

We thought it was about time that you all meet the people behind your fab personalised hoodies and tshirts.

The Hoodie Tee Team work hard to make sure your hoods are perfect and are with you when you need them. Like today we have orders flying out which only came in on Monday. Since HoodieTee print everything in house it means we can turn things really quickly; so if you need your leavers hoods or even your groups hoods and t shirts in a rush then we can usually do them! We even had one group who only gave me 4 hours notice once, thankfully we could hand deliver them.

So each week we will be introducing you to a member of our team and give you a bit more insight into the world of HoodieTee. Which we have to say can be very interesting at time!

First up is our lovely Production Manager Vicki. Vicki has been with us for 2 years now and her main role is make sure everything comes in and goes out to you guys. She controls everything from what we order, including how many sweets we should have in (I just got shouted out for eating a Wham Bar!!!) to organising the production schedule. She is usually out on the floor making sure everyone is doing what they need to, checking hoodies and tshirts in plus liaising with Parcelforce to make sure they go out on time.

Vicki behind her ink pots

Vicki behind her ink pots

We asked Vicki to list all the things she loves! So here there are:
Chocolate. Cinema. Going out with friends. Walking. Shoes. Bags. Music. Dancing. Cooking. Her Mummy and Daddy. DVD’s. Wii. Hair. Make Up. Her Bed. Pizza. Pasta.


Hopefully that tells you all a little about Vicki. Next up will be our head printer Jamie and we can tell you one thing his loves list will have a certain football team up first!

  • 12 May, 2011
  • Louise MacKenzie
  • hoodie tee team,

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