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Choc O’clock

It’s nearly Easter and at HoodieTee we love our chocolate so we are getting very excited about Sundays chocoholic extravaganza. If you haven’t yet seen some of our weird and wonderful Easter posts on Facebook take a look and (amongst other things) learn how to make a bouncy egg…. for real!

Happy Easter from HoodieTee

And here are some more ace statistics about Easter ….. Which are your fave?

– The UK has the 7th highest consumption of chocolate in the world.

– On average, each person in Britain eats approx. 10.2kg of chocolate per year. (we think the HoodieTee average could be more!)

– The largest chocolate bunny was created in South Africa in 2010 by artist Harry Johnson. The rabbit was over 12 feet tall and weighed 3 tons!

– One of the largest Easter eggs ever made was 10.39 m tall, had a circumference of 19.6m and weighed 7,200kg! YUM.

-In 2007 a diamond encrusted Faberge egg was sold for a cool £9m.


– Approximately 90 million chocolate eggs are sold annually in the UK.


With Easter this coming Sunday it means it’s nearing Exam time. Don’t get too stressed and keep an eye out on our blog for our top (alternative) tips on beating exam stress!

  • 26 Mar, 2013
  • Louise MacKenzie
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