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Designer Onesies Show No Sign Of Disappearing

designer onesies

There is only One Direction for the Onesie!

2013 shows no indication of the designer onesies craze slowing down. Since three young Norwegians began sewing sweatpants and hoodies together all those years ago, instigating the birth of their idea to miss out the waistband and create the whole thing as ‘one’ garment, the apparel has not stopped going viral! They are the novelty rival of the slanket which was your average blanket with arm sleeves. But by allowing you to leave the house in them this fashion accessory pips everything to the post. What’s not to love? At HoodieTee we offer designs printed with your team/society/school logo and design, so get ordering from our website to stay on top of this trend! Perhaps you want something more comfortable to wear every time you’re headed out to dance class or hockey training? Whatever the case may be, this adaptable item is always the answer!

  • 5 Mar, 2013
  • Louise MacKenzie
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