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Testdriving the New Personalised Onesie!

Sometimes I love my job, yesterday I  popped up to the office to have a look at some of the  samples going out to a cheer group we do work for. As many of our customers know I am currently on maternity leave, having had a wee boy in October however still love popping up to see what is going on and making sure all our customers are being looked after by the team. Plus the good news is I get to come back to work on Monday part time and I can’t wait to help all our lovely customers with their leaver hoodies, group hoodies, and trip hoodies which are coming up! Bring it on I say.

Anyways we have worked with EC Allsteps now for over four years, and we always pride ourself on giving them exciting new products.

This year they have opted for the super cool new personalised onesie which we have in; so I couldn’t help myself and got one made up for me also. It is FAB!! I decided to try it on over my clothes just to see what it was like and have to say the fleece onesie is fast becoming my favourite new product. It was just so cosy and comfortable; I think they are going to fly out the door this year. They are just perfect for everything, I think they would be a great addition to the traditional hoodie. I even asked Vicki to make us up some HoodieTee ones – maybe a little giveaway coming up?!

EC Allsteps have also opted for the new varsity jackets which we have; again as the squad ranges from adults to little children we have managed to cover all bases having supplied them with varsity jackets in both sizes. I have to say the little kids one are super cute!!!

So from hoodies, to personalised onesie’s, HoodieTee does really cover all bases. Why not give Lucie a call in the office to see how we can help you.

Oh and just to give you a giggle here are a couple of pictures of me modelling them! Can you guess what my new favourite loungewear is??!!

Have a fab end to your weekend.




  • 13 Apr, 2013
  • Louise MacKenzie
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