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Uni Society Hoodies

There is pretty much a society for everything and everyone nowadays; from sports clubs to media and events societies there is something out there to tickle everyone’s fancy, apparently the Harry Potter society is one of the most popular ones across the UK at the moment!

Joining a society is the “done thing” at uni, not only is it a great place to make friends but they can also bring out your competitive nature (in a good way) and can boost your confidence. Being a society member also looks great on the CV, despite your top marks, employers like to know that you also had a life at university!

The one thing to remember is; be proud of your society! And what better way to let everyone know which one you belong to then buy wearing personalised Uni Society hoodies with your society logo. We have helped thousands of uni societies with customised uni society hoodies and joggers so give us a call or drop as a line and we will be happy to help!

By proudly wearing personalised uni society hoodies, you’re acting as an ambassador and representing your sports club or uni society.  Uni trips or away days are also a good reason to be representing your club or society. Not only are you raising awareness of your club or society you are also raising the club profile by supporting the team.

University Society Hoodies

  • 4 Dec, 2013
  • Louise MacKenzie

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