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Introducing the Fur-Lined Chunky Zippy

February has definitely been a month for new products. We wrote a blog on the vibrant Superbright Hoodies last week, and showcased the new pastel colours available on Facebook and Twitter, but that’s not the end of it!

We have another fantastic new option for your personalised hoodie, the Fur-Lined Chunky Zippy! Once again we’re ahead of the curve, and HoodieTee is one of the only places to grab this for your leavers hoodie.

Why do we love it so much?

Well, the Fur-Lined Chunky Zippy has all the awesome extras included in our other hoodies, like the convenient headphone feed, and hidden loops in the hood. It also has side panels, to give a snug and stylish fit.

But the defining feature, and the reason we love it so much, is the super snugly fur-lined hood! All the hoodies are lined with a complimenting charcoal grey fur, so they will look good on anyone. And as with all our hoodies, the hood has double fabric to keep all the heat in. Not only that, but they really are cosy. They’re a massive 400gsm, making them our thickest hoodie yet.

They are the perfect hoodie for wrapping up in our temperamental climate!

  • 18 Feb, 2014
  • Gail Freedman
  • AWDis, custom hoodies, Fur-lined Hoods, leavers hoodies, New products, zoodies,

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