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Class of 2014 Hoodies

Class of 2014 Hoodies


This is it; this is the moment you’ve been working towards for the past 4, 6 or 7 years. All those late nights staying up before exams, those early morning headaches and sleepy bus journeys, it all comes down to this – what nickname are you going to have on the back of your leavers hoodie?

Seriously though, your leavers hoodie is your memento of what many now think of as the best days of their lives. So what will your legacy be? Do you go for something funny, a bit risqué? Did you have a genuine nickname? (I think everyone did at some point) Or do you go classic and just put your name? Even then you have the choice between using your first or last. Personally I would go for something which will still mean something to you in 5 years time. Sure you’ve tried referring to yourself as Diva, but it’s just not caught on. Your nickname might be a little embarrassing (mine was Bumface – don’t ask!), but guaranteed it will bring a smile to your face further down the line than your own fabricated alias. If you never got a nickname, maybe you should count yourself lucky, and just put your first or last name as your identifier. Or forego a name at all, and remember everyone from your year equally.

This is where the design of the hoodie becomes really important, and something that we at HoodieTee concentrate extra hard on. There would be nothing worse than getting your brand new leavers hoodie only to discover your name has been misspelt, or that half of it has been cut off by bad placement! That’s why we take the extra time to make sure that name placement is just perfect, with everything double checked and visible. Our designs have been designed as such to optimise the name placements of all students. The most popular design is the names inside an outlined number 14, but I personally prefer the Roman numerals, as I think this is slightly more unique.

class of 2014 hoodies

So we’ve finally decided on a name, and you’ve managed to democratically choose a design you all like. Now it’s the big decision. What hoodie do you choose? We have a huge range to choose from, and we’re adding more all the time. Do you go for a zip-up, or the classic sweatshirt with hood? If you live in Scotland like we do, you don’t need to worry about the cold getting to you, as all our hoodies are at least 280gsm and have a double lined hood for keeping the heat in. So it’s style over substance in this case. I like the different contrast hoodies we have, as the options of the two colours means your hoodie can be more to your personal tastes. And as HoodieTee allow each and every individual to choose their own colours; this is the way to make sure your hoodie screams you! My absolute favourite is our new Street hoodie and zippy. I just love the thumb holes in the sleeves, and the fact that they’re sewn in means I won’t ruin my leavers hoodies by making my own, so it will last for even longer! They also come in some great colours, with russet brown getting my vote, as I think it’s very complimentary.

The front of the hoodie is where the embroidery goes. And I think very few people will veer away from the classic school logo on the traditional left breast. It is what you’re remembering after all. But if you and your class do fancy something a little different, let us know and we’ll happily get our design team on to it.

So that’s it! There’s no right or wrong way to design your personalised class of 2014 hoodies, as ultimately it is something personal to you which hopefully you’ll be treasuring and wearing for a lifetime. At HoodieTee we like to think we offer you the best choices in terms of designs, hoodies and colours, and we know that we have some of the highest quality garments at the best prices. So get creative and order your leavers hoodie, class of 14 today!

  • 20 Mar, 2014
  • Gail Freedman
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