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The New Street Hoodie and Zippy

Yet another new product launch!

If you’ve been keeping up to date you’ll have seen a flurry of new hoodies join our catalogue to kick off 2014. And it doesn’t stop yet, we’ve yet another new hoodie to add to our range.

Introducing the Street Hoodie and Zippy! I don’t know about you, but whenever I get a new hoodie, it’s not long until my thumbs have forced their way through the cuff. And although it’s comfortable to wear, it leaves it looking a bit scruffy.

Well now you don’t have to worry about ruining your clothes, as you can find the Street Hoodie and the Street Zippy in our catalogue. Like other hoodies you would find on the high street, the Street Hoodie and Zippy has a built in thumb hole. Which we’re giving a well covered thumbs up!

Both the hoodie and the zippy have a peach finish which leaves them feeling not just soft, but Ultrasoft; and as with all our other hoodies, the hoods are double lined to keep your head extra cosy. They have a cool slouching kangaroo pouch pocket, which includes a concealed inner pocket for your ipod or phone, so you know your valuables are going be well looked after.

They come in some great colour combinations, with more to be added soon so watch this space!

We definitely think that both the hoodie and the zippy could be contenders to take the top spot, and hopefully you’ll agree with us.

  • 13 Mar, 2014
  • Gail Freedman
  • bespoke hoodies, Hoodies, leavers hoodies, New products, zoodies,

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