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Personalised Dancewear

The Growing Popularity of Dance

Dance has been around since antiquity and has taken countless forms over the years, decades and centuries. As more structured lessons become increasingly popular both as a hobby and a sporting activity to improve wellbeing, dance continues to evolve to keep with the changing times.

When I was younger and attending dance lessons, the choices I had for what form of dance to learn were quite narrow. I was restricted to more traditional dancing, tap, ballet and Scottish Country. I also did modern jazz, but this was a fairly recent trend back in the 90’s. Since then however, the number of dance forms available to learn, either casually or professionally, has exploded. Dance has become more updated, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Break dance; become more global, Salsa, Capoiera and Bhangra; and more encompassing, including other sports with some form of dance such as gymnastics and cheerleading.

Competitive Dance & Personalised Dancewear

Personalised dancewear

As the scope and popularity of dance grows, so has the competition. There are now loads of high profile events and championships across, Scotland, the UK and the world! As with any sports team, looking the part and looking good together is really important. This is where we come in. We have a history of providing all manner of sports teams and societies with perosnalised dancewear and clothing so that they can look the part. It helps to build team spirit by making everyone belong with the same outfit, or even just matching dance hoodies or tops. It can also make you feel more professional, a mindset which will undoubtedly improve your own attitude towards winning!


But it’s not just the competitors who need to look the part. At any event it’s important to have people on hand to help, and those people need to be identifiable; especially when you’re dealing with large numbers of people, and often at dance competitions and similar events, younger people. At HoodieTee we can create large numbers of personalised workwear, branded t-shirts, hats or bags, so that your event staff look professional and helpful. The Scotcheer Nationals event, taking place in the SECC in Glasgow on the 12th and 13th April, have kitted their staff out with vivid branded uniforms so that people can see them easily. They’ll be able to stand out of the crowd and be visible just by their personalised jackets alone.

If you’re organising an event soon, and need personalised hoodies or something similar for your volunteers, get in touch with us and we can design something that will make everyone visible and professional. Or are you a dance group? A gymnastics team, or cheerleaders and you need someone to supply your new personalised dancewear? We’d love to help, whether you have a design or not, get in touch and we’ll set up a dance shop online so all of you can order your own custom jackets for your dance team. And if you’re already taking part in this year’s Scotcheer, or any other dance competition, bring down the roof!

  • 25 Mar, 2014
  • Gail Freedman
  • cheerleading competition, competitive dance, dance hoodies, personalised dancewear,

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