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Personalised Hospitality Uniforms

Money is tight and the competition is tough, and nowhere is this truer than in the hospitality industry. It seems that every day there is a new pub, cafe or restaurant opening their doors to try their hand at becoming the newest hotspot in town.  So how can you make sure that the public are coming through your door and not your neighbours?

As with everything first impressions count. You’ve already spent many a laboured hour fixing the appearance both inside and out, you’ve poured over possible menus and finally got prices that provide profit and value. There’s just one thing left, your staff. You’ve got a team of the best people, who know their roles inside and out, but all the training comes to nought if no one can identify them. It’s never been more important that your staff not only look professional, but also approachable. When people visit a venue for the first time, they want it to be as easy as possible. Hiring a greeter isn’t always practical, so you need to make sure your staff stand out from the crowd as someone who can provide guidance. You could go for a casual approach to uniform, black trousers, white or black shirts, but this often results in a mish-mash of styles and can be just as confusing as no uniform at all. The best way to ensure your staff represent your brand the way you want them to is to provide them with a uniform, whether it be everything from the socks up, or just an apron which will identify them as an employee.

This is where we come in. HoodieTee can provide you with an affordable option for branded hospitality uniforms; everything from shirts and aprons for waiting staff to chef whites. We can talk you through the best approach for your needs.

When thinking about uniform you need to think about your team. You want the people working for you to be comfortable, because if they’re comfortable they will perform better. Sometimes a starched shirt isn’t always the best option. It’s undoubtedly professional, but it may across as too clinical and can often not fit well, especially if it’s provided for them. A good alternative, and a cheaper option, is to go for branded polo shirts. If opting for this embroidery is the best option. It’s incredibly long lasting and looks really smart either on the breast or the side of the sleeve. If you have a larger logo, then screen printing suits this better. But remember to not go too big as this can leave staff embarrassed.

Branded hospitality uniforms are a great way to get some free advertising. You have a team of people who are acting as walking billboards wherever they go in their uniform. Think of the exposure for your location when all your team members make their commute to work. At HoodieTee we can source almost any garment for you, just get in touch for a quote. We’ve worked with a range of brands in the past, from large breweries to small privately owned cafes. If you already own the garments, we can still either print or embroider them for you with your brand to lessen the cost of purchasing new uniforms.

Branded hospitality wear from HoodieTee is an affordable and durable solution to your staff uniform problem.

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  • 8 Apr, 2014
  • Gail Freedman
  • branded uniforms, chef whites, hospitality inudustry, waiting staff,

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