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Football Fever- Support your Nation with our Colour Combinations

Bem-vindo ao Brasil


All eyes are going to be on Brazil during the next couple of months as they are the hosts for the 2014 FIFA world cup. The first match kicks off on the 12th June with matches between Brazil and Croatia. So who’s your money on……? Brazil are looking like the favourites, well firstly they are playing at home so they are used to the conditions and secondly they  hold the record for the most World Cup titles- a grand five in total.  Anyway enough strategic chat we are more interesting in football attire and here at HoodieTee we thought would have a little FIFA fun of our own and offer some of our great colour combination hoodies which represent the various nations competing.  This is the perfect way to stand out and pledge allegiance for your chosen team!

So what do we mean by colour combination, well below in our gallery are examples of some of our hoodie colour combinations which reflect and support each nation. These pictures showcase only a few of our colour combinations so let us know which team you are supporting and we can find the right colour combo just for you:

Right, next step, let’s take things a bit more personal…… we can personalise your hoodie with whatever you want, so why not have your favourite players’ number on the back and your name across the shoulders? What’s more our hoodies are so wonderfully comfortable that they are the perfect thing to wear on the plane to Brazil, in the pub or sitting on your sofa watching all the matches.

And lastly just a little bit of world cup trivia…… the first ever world cup took place in Uruguay in 1930 and consisted of 18 matches now  the 2014 tournament will feature 64 matches!

  • 28 May, 2014
  • Gail Freedman
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