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Have you seen any 2014 Leavers Hoodies yet?

School Leavers

The leavers hoodie season is starting to slow down now. The orders are being systematically dispatched and are now with the schools as they get ready to say goodbye to this year’s final students. In primary schools where everyone tends to move up to high school together it’s such a treat seeing kids out and about in their matching hoods – groups sharing the same tops knowing they will probably share the same friendships throughout the next era of their lives.
However, for S5 and S6 adolescents, this can be the real end of an era. Friendships can change dramatically at this age with some moving into the world of work as others look forward to a long summer before University in the autumn.

Gaining Skills & Experience

Today, the more skills and experience a young graduate gains the easier it is presenting at interview when the world of work does call. The long summers before and during university sessions are an ideal time to use sporting skills in holiday camps and clubs or work as an intern or office junior to gain first-hand experience in your industry of choice.
At Hoodie Tee, we have worked with some great summer interns – all of them have shown a level of enthusiasm and aptitude for learning that made it a win for win for us both of us.

Seasonal Trends

As the summer rolls round it makes me realise how seasonal our work is here at Hoodie Tee. We follow a pattern each year with Leavers Hoody orders peaking between April and June along with Hen Party and Stag do hoodies. As the wedding season starts to die down our Uni orders start to ramp up. Hoodies and Joggers are all part of what someone called their Uni Stach.

Uni Hoodies

University hoodies are always fun to create. As Autumn approaches, we will be sorting out the debating societies and all the sporting clubs with tops and joggers making sure everyone looks great and represents their University teams and clubs in matching fashion throughout the 2014 / 2015 year.
If you or anyone you know is responsible for organising University merchandise, this is the time to order. We do some great deals for students and although our minimum order is 12 – the 12 items don’t have to be of the same item, you can mix hoodies with joggers, t-shirts etc for smaller groups.
All orders received by the 31st August will be entitled to our early bird discount. So don’t leave it until the masses start to order – get your shop set up now, place your first order (you can always add to it) and make sure your society, house or club is organised and ready to kit out new members during Fresher’s Week!

Uni Discount Code

To take advantage of our Uni discount offer: order 10 get 1 free –  quote Uni14/15 on the enquiry form when ordering.

  • 28 Jun, 2014
  • Louise MacKenzie
  • 2014 leavers hoodies,

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