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5 Benefits of Wearing Branded Workwear

Branded workwear is becoming far more popular in the UK. It provides an opportunity to ensure your Brand stands out from the crowd and an investment which many companies are taking advantage of.  Ensuring your employees are comfortable and happy at work is essential to ensure your business continues to grow, after all they are working for your Brand by displaying your branded name or logo on their personalised workwear.

It’s essential to ensure your employees branded workwear is designed and tailored to take into account your business needs. By providing consistency and positivity via your branded workwear, it will have a beneficial impact on your brand identity as you continue to grow. Read on to discover more additional benefits of investing in personalised workwear.



Professional print or embroidered branded workwear, such as t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, fleeces and jackets, makes your employees clear to customers. By displaying your company logo on their garments, your employees can be picked out easily by potential customers which is vital if they have queries or need guidance before purchasing a product or service.



In most instances, employees who wear personalised, branded workwear often find it far easier to develop rapport and stronger relationships with those around them including both team mates and customers. This is one of the most significant reasons why the school uniform was created! By wearing the school or company logo as part of the team, it significantly enhances the resemblance between the team members or pupils and therefore helps subliminally develop team player talents.



By having the business’s logo or name on employee’s workwear, it gives them a sense of belonging and responsibility. It can also mean more accountability so they are prone to work more efficiently and diligently.

Because it’s visible to the public what company the employee works for, there is likely to be less slacking or bunking off for fear of being reported to the employer.

By having a logo or branding on your company’s workwear, it also becomes far easier for the general public to recognise and therefore get in touch, or attract potential new customers. It’s essentially a form of free advertising and your company name will become lodged in people’s minds subconsciously and over time you will see the benefits through generation of new business leads.


Easy to Contact

As well as the company logo embroidered or printed onto the workwear, you should consider having your company phone number visible. This acts as another free marketing tool so people can easily take a note of it on their mobiles while on the go and contact you at a later date, or save it for future reference. It saves potential customers the added hassle of trying to remember your web address to find you online, making it easy for them to contact you.



Printed or embroidered branded workwear isn’t necessarily for every business, however, there are many industries where it can make a significant difference. Whether you want to encourage better team relationships or promote your brand, professional print or embroidered branded workwear can make all the difference.


Personalised garments propel a consistent, positive image of your company and employees and you can order items of the highest quality designed to your personal requirements.

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  • 25 Jul, 2014
  • Louise MacKenzie
  • branded workwear, personalised workwear, printed workwear,

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