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Get Your Ski On: Pre-Season Skiing in the UK

OK, so it’s only just September, but if you’re a budding snow lover then chances are you are already getting excited for the upcoming ski season. We’re still a few months away from the snowy pistes, but there’s no reason not to get in a little practice – or start to learn – before then. Currently there are over 60 places to ski in the UK, so there’s loads of opportunity to get those skis out before you really hit the slopes.

There are different types of ski slopes in the UK, so knowing the difference between them all and the skiing they offer is essential. At this time of year there is little or no snow on the real slopes, so the resorts in Scotland and the North of England (yes – there are 5 resorts in Scotland and another 4 in the north of England) are out, but dry slopes, year-round real snow slopes and simulation training are all still great options.

Real Snow

With 6 indoor year-round slopes, there’s plenty of places where you can get the feeling of real snow whatever the season. Whether you’re near Glasgow, Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes, Castleford, Tamworth or Manchester there’s an indoor slope for you. Whilst these can obviously not rival the real thing in terms of size the fact that they use real snow means that you can really get a feel for the white stuff before hitting the real resorts.

Dry Slopes

Much larger and more numerous than the year-round real snow slopes, dry slopes offer much more scope for skiers looking to get back into form or for those just starting out. Made with one of many synthetic slope surfaces, they might look like they’re made from toothbrushes, but you can certainly move on them. With more than 40 dry ski slopes across the country – including Europe’s longest dry slope, just outside Edinburgh – most of us are closer than we think to a slope.

Simulated Slopes

Technology has revolutionised many things in our lives, and is skiing going to be next? Skiplex think so, with their skiing simulators they claim you can learn eight times faster than a regular slope. The simulated slope is continually revolving, changing gradient and speed, replicating a real slope and giving you a great workout at the same time as learning or practicing. There are currently only 3 in the UK (all in and around London), but if they’re successful who knows where they’ll pop up next.

What are you tips for year-round skiing and what are you looking forward to this season? Let us know on Twitter, and remember if you’re hitting the slopes to ensure you’re dressed for the occasion with one of our latest ski hoodies!

  • 4 Sep, 2014
  • Louise MacKenzie
  • Ski, skiing, UK,

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