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8 Amazing Halloween Costumes

We’re now just days away from one of the best days of the year – Halloween. If you’re a fan of dressing up, silly costumes or just having the excuse to be creative Halloween costumes are for you. From the designs we get sent in to us here for printing at Hoodie Tee we know you’re a pretty creative bunch, so just chucking a sheet over your head and pretending to be a ghost isn’t going to be enough. Whether you’re at school, a student or out working, there’s no reason not to dress up, with many people being really creative. We applaud this enthusiasm so have been digging around the internet for some alternative costume ideas to help you out.

Share your ideas and photos of your costume with us on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll feature some of your ideas as well!


 Are you an avid Pinner? If you’ve been feverishly pinning Halloween outfit ideas  then why not go a step further and make them into one massive person-sized board?


image: Buzzfeed

Rocket Man

Feeling a little more creative or simply a massive Elton John fan? This is one costume that’s bound to get people talking (and doubtlessly looking to work out where your legs actually are!)

Rocket Man



 Want to get all social and have an excuse to talk in hashtags all evening? Then it’s time to up your selfie game and go dressed as your very own instagram feed. You could take it a step further and look at your own feed and recreate a photo from it – remember though, it needs to be #nofilter


image: Buzzfeed

Van Gogh

 If you’re feeling a little more highbrow why not get all arty and go as the master himself, Vincent van Gogh? Lots of face paint involved, and you can even create your own masterpiece backdrop if you want. Just don’t cut part of your ear off though!



Toy Soldiers

Without a doubt one of our favourite costumes we found. Whether you’re a massive Toy Story fan or are just looking for a costume for multiple people this is a great opportunity for getting up to mischief and having a laugh.



Barbie & Ken

Keeping with the multiple-people costumes, if you’re a couple why not dress up as Barbie and Ken? It’s a simple, but really effective outfit – you just have to find some really big boxes!



Violet Beauregarde

One for the Roald Dhal fans here, why not go as the ‘must have it all’ Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the girl who had a nasty experience and turned into a blueberry!



A Banksy

Finally, people are claiming he was arrested earlier this week, but who can really tell? If you want a topical (but not too controversial) outfit, then the gorilla graffiti artist is just what you are looking for!


  • 23 Oct, 2014
  • Louise MacKenzie
  • Costumes, Pinterest, Students,

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