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Stimulate Your Brain, Join A Club

As we enter the Chinese New Year it gives those of us who didn’t get round to making a New Year’s resolution another chance to do so. Resolutions do not have to be strenuous, taxing and altogether for a lot of people, unfulfilling. Many more people are now making resolutions that involve activities they are interested in like joining a squash team rather than being guilt tripped into joining a gym and sweating it out for a month, never to return as there is no enjoyment in it for them. It is far more rewarding to do something you enjoy, anything else that comes with that is a bonus. Whether it’s becoming fitter, improving your skill-set or even making new friends.

dance lesson

This is one of the main reasons why there has been a marked increase in attendances to leisure facilities in the past year in the UK. This is in most part due to the rise in popularity of joining clubs, societies and teams as people find themselves wanting to satisfy their interests. If you are one of the increasing numbers of people you will know that there are many benefits for joining up to organisations like these.

 Whether it is being part of a quirky university society dedicated to gin and ‘Harry Potter’ like in St Andrews University or part of one of the countless dance clubs in and around the UK. We urge you not to settle for the sofa every night but instead put down those tablets and muster the energy to take part in something that satisfies your desires and feeds your passion. We have compiled a short list of reasons to try and encourage those of you who are yet undecided:

The chance to make lifelong friends

When you go along to these organisations, other members will have similar interests to you meaning that they will be people that you can relate. In time this can lead to strong friendships some of which may last a lifetime.

Improve your skill-set

You can develop and learn new skills whilst fulfilling your interests. This will make you feel more valued by others and can also improve your confidence.

It’s fun

Put plainly, joining a club can be lots of fun. They are usually dynamic organisations where there are an abundance of trips, social gatherings and meetings that are coupled with the core activities. This is where the majority of the fun can be had and can sometimes provide the best and most vivid memories of your life. 

 Stay healthy

By being part of a club it can make you proud as it gives you all of these benefits and provides you with everlasting memories. Therefore it is important to many people within these organisations to be associated with them and to be able to remember the good times they have had whilst being a part of it.


Sports team


It is why many of these clubs get customised garments made in order for the members to have a memento from a certain trip, tournament or for just being part of the organisation. This is where HoodieTee come in, as we understand how important it is for our customers to get exactly what they want in order for us to provide these special mementos to them. We have a diverse catalogue full of hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts which are just a few of the garments that we can supply. We are dedicated to customising and designing the garments of your choice in order to provide you with memories that will last as well as keep you warm. Please feel free to browse through our website to view our full range. If you have an enquiry we would be happy to help, just email us at enquiries@hoodietee.com and we’ll get back to you promptly.

  • 20 Feb, 2015
  • Vicki Scott
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