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Warmer weather puts a Spring in our step.

With the memories of Easter starting to fade into the distance we hop further into Spring, a season which is associated heavily with rejuvenation and rebirth as it seems as though everything comes to life after months of chilly, dark days. Calves and lambs populate the fields and flowers push through the once frozen, wet soil to blossom in beautiful arrays of colour.



We are also affected by this change in temperature and light levels as we tend to feel as though we have more time in the day to get things done and are generally happier. This illusion stems from the passing of Easter as it marks the Spring Equinox. This event marks the day when the sun starts to set later in the day meaning that we have more hours of daylight after work and at weekends to do what we want.  This coupled with the warmer weather brings about a greater desire for many of us to spend time outside, rather than being stuck in our dreary houses staring at computers and tablets which a lot of us have to suffer in the depths of Winter.


With this new found motivation from the climate shift we find ourselves being more productive with our days as we begin to revel in the extra hours of sunlight we are blessed with after weeks of bleak, dank days.

The feeling of having More Time gives us all a lift and makes us feels like we can get so much more accomplished during a day.

This may be to dig out our guitar that’s been collecting dust all Winter and see if we can still remember those few chords we learnt. Or possibly go away on a short break at the weekend knowing that you can make the most of your time with the more daylight you have available.

It is also the time of year in the run up to exams and deadlines which is dangerous as we feel that we have more time we become more inclined to procrastinate. The urge to go outside and leave the confines of the library to enjoy the weather can also become unbearable sometimes. To those of you who find themselves in this situation you have to remain strong and focus on your work and the multitude of summer days you will be able to spend outside free from the stress of coursework and exams.

We also tend to feel More Productive as well.

It has been proven that an increased exposure to sunlight increases our alertness and therefore productivity levels. With this in mind we feel energised enough to deal with even the most monotonous tasks like cleaning the clutter that we’ve managed to accumulate over the Autumn and Winter.

This increase in our energy levels can be spent doing More Exercise.

The feeling of becoming energised along with the warmer, longer days leads us to partake in more outdoor activities such as gardening, bike rides and walks/hikes This is obviously beneficial for us as it can increase our fitness and therefore overall health.


Yes we have to stay realistic, we do still live in the UK where we are prone to bouts of milder weather even in the middle of summer.

However, for the most part the coming of Spring with its’ extra warmth and sunlight gives us a greater amount of possibilities that fill us with eagerness to get out there, get fit and see more of the world before the darkness comes to swallow us up again.

Gifs sourced from: http://heeyysarah.tumblr.com/post/13437291333/alt and andy-baker.tumblr.com

All images are creative commons and sourced from Flickr.


  • 17 Apr, 2015
  • Vicki Scott
  • blossom, Clubs, exercise, flowers, jogging, lambs, spring, sun, sunlight, warmweather,

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