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The Everlasting Memories of School

School became a fundamental part of British citizen’s life after the Government passed the Education Act in 1880 which made attendance to school compulsory for everyone between the ages of five and ten. Many consider it to be one of lives necessary evils as we cannot deny the importance that education has in preparing us for life. It helps to develop our social skills by introducing us to people our age and sometimes forcing us to work together. It improves the way we speak and write, in more than one language (if you pay enough attention in class). It introduces us to theories and ideas in many different subject matters which can become the basis of our views, political agenda and interests later on in life. We are taught how to count and calculate numbers in varying levels of complexity and encouraged to become active to help discover the extent of our athletic abilities. These life changing, personality shaping events that happen during school impact many of us in such a profound way that it is for these reasons and many more which makes school such an important part of someone’s life.


As we are nearing the end of term for many schools up and down the UK, some students will feel more apprehension than excitement for the school holidays to start as they will be leaving the compulsory education system for good. For these people leaving high school, some will undoubtedly enter into further education, be it at college or university, whilst others may choose to enter straight into the world of work.

Regardless of where someone chooses to begin their journey into adulthood, it can be said that upon leaving everyone will be feeling a cocktail of emotions. Whether it’s feeling excitement about new prospects, remorse for not trying harder to get into that university course that you wanted to study or misery because of the friends you will lose.

Fast forward a few years down the line and you will find that the majority of people will be in unison with their feelings towards their time as a school student. They will feel terribly nostalgic when reminiscing about ‘simpler times’ and slightly melancholic for not appreciating their time at school more and for maybe not trying as hard as they should have. This combination of feelings is something which we will all feel at a certain point in our lives but it is usually never more potent then when thinking about your time as a student in school.


These feelings can be somewhat remedied by keeping mementos from our time at school. In recent decades these mementos have branched out from old school ties and class photos with the increase in technology. This has allowed for old school photos to be stored and readily accessed on social media websites as well as making it easier to reconnect with old school friends and stay in touch than ever before through these sites. The evolution of technology has meant that printing machinery has become more efficient, inexpensive and easier to source. This has given rise to the accessibility and in turn popularity of items such as yearbooks and school leaver’s hoodies to those leaving school to keep as mementos.


It is because of this sentimental value that people will attach to these mementos that we strive to uphold the quality of the orders that we produce. This is to ensure that we make our customer as pleased as possible with what is something that will be cherished for years to come. If you are leaving school soon and have don’t yet have a memento to remember your time at school by then you can browse our full school leavers range here.

We’re sure you have some great stories from school, why not get in contact with us on Facebook or tweet us with your best school memories. We would love to hear from you.


All images are creative commons and sourced from Pexels and Flickr.

  • 17 Jul, 2015
  • Vicki Scott

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