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Mother’s Day

Top 5 things to do on Mother’s Day

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Your mum deserves much more than store bought flowers and a card. That little extra will make a huge difference in a very meaningful way to mum by planning a special outing event. We’ve thought up of several ideas you should be doing on this year’s Mother’s Day. Pick one or several of our ideas to help enhance her day. You better start planning now because we’re sure some of these ideas will be booked up.

1) Spa Day!


Treat your mum this year and book her in for that all-inclusive spa package. Your mum deserve the best and you can show her how much you care with this special surprise. You’re sure to up show any family members with this surprise.

2) Did Someone Say Royal Botanic Gardens?

Mother’s day and flowers go hand in hand, so why not spend your afternoon walking the garden grounds and taking in the smells and garden activities throughout the day. Discover the Garden’s wonderful collection of specialist flower exhibits and learn about the many early flowering plants that herald the onset of spring.

3) Cafés…Cat filled Cafés!


Does your mum love cats? She sure does, right? Consider taking mum to a one-of-a-kind cat inhabited café. Enjoy your tea and cake while roaming around petting its residents. The cats are exceptionally friendly and they’ll try their hardest to help enhance your café experience with a soft purring. There aren’t many cafés that offer this kind of special setting, and we hear these places book up fast!

4) The Zoo


When’s the last time you visited the zoo? That’s right we can’t remember either so we’re both due for a visit. Bring your mum for a relaxing stroll through the zoo this Mother’s Day. View animals from all over the world and have a low stress day for mum. Marvel at wonders that your local zoo has to offer. With an onsite café you’re never too far from a quick bite to eat and drink.

5) Movie Day


When your mum wants to be low key on her special day you should consider then taking her to the movies. Get her sweets and a beverage, sit back and enjoy the show. Remember to make her day special and show her how much you care, and make sure to pick up the tab.

From everyone at HoodieTee Happy Mother’s Day!

  • 6 Mar, 2016
  • Gail Freedman
  • 2016 mothers day, leavers hoodies, school leavers,

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