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Happy St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s Daystpatday_lollipops


St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, but did you know that St Patrick wasn’t even Irish? Here are some fun facts about St. Patrick and the history surrounding this day.

Did you know that…

It’s customary to wear shamrocks and green clothing because it was a representation of the Holy Trinity to the Pagan Irish. That the color green has been associated with Ireland since the mid 1600’s.

It’s believed that Patrick was born in Roman Britain was kidnapped into slavery and brought to Ireland.

Patrick became a bishop and after his death was named Ireland’s patron saint. Celebrations in Ireland were understated though. When the Irish emigrated to the U.S., they created the bigger celebrations and parades known today.

Eighteenth century Irish soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War held the first St. Patrick Day parades. The celebrations became a way for the Irish to connect with their roots after they moved to America. The celebrations didn’t stop in the U.S. as this holiday as gained worldwide momentum and is now celebrated all over the world. From Tokyo to Chicago to Russia to Australia, St Patrick’s day is now recognized as a unoffical global holiday!  

Fun Facts:
The shamrock: According to legend St. Patrick used the three leaf clover (or shamrock) to explain the Trinity.


Dyeing the river green: The practice of dyeing the river green started in Chicago in 1962, when city officials decided to dye a portion of the Chicago River green.

Corn beef and cabbage: This is an Irish American dish. Irish Americans were so poor they could not afford certain meals. On St. Patrick’s Day, the best meal they could afford was beef and cabbage. It became a staple for the holiday.


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-Happy St Patrick’s Day from everyone at HoodieTee!


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  • 17 Mar, 2016
  • Gail Freedman
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