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10 Things You Should Do Before You Leave School

10 things you should do before you leave school

While you’re still in school enjoying your final weeks left one thing  you hardly think about are the everyday mundane tasks that make up your day. You know, the homework assignments that don’t really mean anything or school rallies where you’re not quite sure whats going on. We thought by putting together a short list of nice gestures and goals that would help give you a richer leavers experience, before you move on to bigger and better opportunities.

Remember to thank that friend for being there and taking lots of photos during the last remaining days together. Years later you will reflect back and thank yourself for taking the time to capture these moments. Speaking from experience, you will. Let’s get started, in no particular order.


World Book Day


  1. Introduce yourself into a school event that you would never have considered before.

  2. Get into shape and start exercising. There are plenty of guides online on how to get started!

  3. Let a teacher or superior know that they actually helped you and let them know that.

  4. Record a video of yourself at school eating lunch, walking from class to class and add your own commentary.

  5. Create a time capsule of your favourite music, write yourself a letter, include photos of your best friends, whatever you want to help encompass the present for the future. Then bury it.

  6.  Ask your family to take a group photo.

  7.  Apologize to classmates or superiors which you may have treated poorly. There’s always room to make up.

  8. Create a scrapbook of all the photos you have taken you took and put them in an album, online works well too!

  9. Start planning for a summer adventure ASAP. Book a trip and get going.

  10. Be proud of what you have accomplished throughout the school year. No matter how big or small.

Don’t limit yourself to just our list, and hopefully we gave some inspiration to do some of our top 10. If anything, we recommend taking as many photos as possible, you will truly thank yourself in the years to come.

  • 31 May, 2016
  • Gail Freedman
  • bespoke hoodies, custom hoodies, leavers 2016,

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