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Ski Hoodies

Be at the peak of fashion with our ski trip hoodies.
Superheavy weight hoodies

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Ski Hoodies

Quality Ski Hoodies fit for the slopes

Want to look slick on the ski slope, then look no further! Whether your school is going skiing or snowboarding with a school, a club or a university society we can create your personalised hoodies to keep the chill away on your trip.

These are some of our popular ski hoodie designs, but if you fancy something different send us your own design or ideas and we can help create something truly unique.

If you are the person responsible for sorting out the order then HoodieTee makes your job very easy. Our ordering process is simple to complete and track – everyone can pay individually after choosing their size and colour.

Ski Trip Designs

Our examples are just that, examples! We love to create custom made garments for everyone and have a wide range of options to choose from. Got an idea? Just ask!

Design 1ski hoodies 2016

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Design 2ski hoodies 2017

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Design 3ski hoodies 2017

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Design 4ski hoodies 2017

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Design 5ski hoodies 2016

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Design 6ski hoodies 2017

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Design 7ski hoodies 2017

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Design 8ski hoodies 2017

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We’ve got a huge range of different styles of hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and bottoms for you to choose from.

Check out our garment range to pick your perfect hoodies and accessories for your order.

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