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Uni Clubs & Society Hoodies

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Uni Hoodies for Societies & Clubs

Uni and Society Hoodies that look great

HoodieTee are experts when it comes to society and club hoodies. From sports team hoodies to leaver year groups and debating clubs, we can help you create the perfect design to relax in during your next lecture or even just for chilling in the halls.

Give us a call and we will remove all hassle from the order process. We sort out the logo you want, the design and font on the back, colours and sizes. You will be able to track orders individually and as a group – even pay individually. When we deliver we pack each hoodie separately and ensure they are all individually named.

Look the part at university in your society or club with a personalised hoodie. We can help you create your bespoke campus must have.  If you need 10 or more hoodies for your University Society or Club, just submit an enquiry – we’ll walk you through the design, order and delivery options.

University and Society Designs

Our examples are just that, examples! We love to create custom made garments for everyone and have a wide range of options to choose from. Got an idea? Just ask!

Design 1
university hoodies read-hindu

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Design 2southampton uni hoodies

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Design 3
reading university hoodies

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Design 4
ski hoodies 2016

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Design 5
winch-film hoodies

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Design 6
sci-fi hoodies

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Design 7

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Design 8
surrey-sub uni hoodies

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Garment Range, Colours and Sizes

We’ve got a huge range of different styles of hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and bottoms for you to choose from.

Check out our garment range to pick your perfect hoodies and accessories for your order.

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Style Options

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